[About 3S - Super Survey System]

LIN operates 3S(Super Survey System) which helps you create professional internet questionnaire easily and execute as many as you desire. 3S is an website service which exclusive members can access through your PC. If you hold membership, you complete survey with only 3 steps; create questionnaire, inform respondents of URL, and download result. Enjoy 3S’s excellent functions that satisfies research experts!!

[function example]

27 types of question format graphical display of results summary wide range of design template choice reserve date and time of start and close survey limit access frequency of unique questionnaire skip logic randomise options allocate respondent numbers filtering of result summary (multistage filter available) create QR code of answer screen URL download results in CSV and excel file pictogram in answer options edit question sentence and options in html 20+ language *many other professional functions available

[Usage Case]

Products package survey, utilization of products survey, appropriate price survey Service Industry visitor survey, membership satisfaction survey, satisfaction survey of business partner Marketing customer satisfaction survey, market research, brand equity survey In-house (e.g. personnel affairs) employee satisfaction research, student or parent research, survey on house journal Public institution residents questionnaire, school survey for students or parents, survey for library visitor Magazine subscribers, seminar participants, visitor of facility, etc. is also suitable.


USD98 per month, economy plan

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